Spring cleaning is one thing, but spring car cleaning is another. Taking proper care of your vehicle goes beyond routine maintenance and following the manufacturer-recommended service schedule; you have to keep it clean, too. Get behind the wheel in style after making use of these spring car cleaning tips from us here at Cottage Chevrolet.

  • Wash – Start spring off right by giving your car the love it deserves with a deep-clean. Take the time to get in all the nooks and crannies, including the wheel wells. You may have to remove the hubcaps, but you’ll be surprised by how much dirt and grime built up over winter. Top off the wash with a waxing that will leave your car shining in the bright sunlight.
  • Organization – It’s more than likely that trash managed to build up in your storage compartments or other various places in your car. Take the time to clean out all of the compartments, including the glovebox, door pockets, and seatbacks. Make sure to get everything out of the trunk as well.
  • Windows – Take a few minutes to scrub the windows thoroughly. Doing so will make your car look great and increase your visibility. Don’t forget to buy and install a new set of wipers to keep your windshield squeaky clean too.

Washing a windshield