Unconventional Valentine's Day | Wautoma, WIPart of what makes relationships exciting is finding a balance between the familiar and traditional with the new and intriguing. If you’re looking to mix things up and have an unconventional Valentine’s Day this year, take a cue from one of these fun ideas.

Make DIY Gifts Together

Picking out a precious gift for your loved one can be fun, but making a gift can be even sweeter. Take DIY gifts to the next level by making your gifts together. Sign up for a painting class or write a love poem together. You’ll always cherish what you and your partner created side by side.

Celebrate Love with Different Traditions

Every culture has its own traditions, including those that focus on love. Parts of Britain, for example, serve caraways seed and raisin buns to their loved ones on Valentine’s Day. Learn about some of the ways in which romance is celebrated in other countries and recreate that this Valentine’s Day.

Spread the Love

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be about just you and one other person. This year, consider throwing a Valentine’s Day dinner for some of your friends – singles or couples. This way you’ll avoid the crowded restaurants and get to see many of your loved ones all at once.