The constant splashing of slush and the trailing mud of winter boots are destined to make your vehicle difficult to clean this year. And each time you clean it, the car may seem to just get dirty again! Here are a few easy tips to help keep your car clean during winter.

Car Clean During Winter


  • Cover or replace your floor mats with some sort of rubber mats that will be easier to clean, as muddy, snowy boots are inevitable.
  • Since slush and salt will constantly be building up on your car, it’s important to get it washed semi-frequently, no matter how counter-intuitive it may seem.


  • Whenever possible, try to park inside of garages and under barriers to protect your car from snow buildup.

Driving Safety

  • And lastly – safe driving translates to clean driving, especially if you have the bad habit of driving like this.

And whatever you do this winter – please stay safe! For more safety tips or to check out our winter-ready models, visit us anytime at Cottage Chevrolet.